What is the difference when the judgment pronounces a rejection of the case, or when the case is rejected “as is”?
The word “as it is” has a serious effect…
Because the judgment rejecting the case holds the validity of the res judicata, you may not file the case again.
As for the judgment rejecting the case “in its state,” it has a timely authority, limited to the state in which the case was when the previous ruling was issued, and then you may re-file the case whenever its circumstances change according to which the previous ruling was issued.

Example: When you file a lawsuit (expulsion), for example, without submitting the case document (the lease contract), in this case, you will receive a refusal “as is”, meaning you may file it again after completing the document, because the court did not originally address the issue.
So be mindful of this word (in its condition) because it is not just a word and salvation, this will have important legal implications
Counselor / Mohamed

The contractor shall guarantee the damage or loss resulting from his act and manufacture, whether by his infringement or his negligence or not, and the guarantee shall be void if that results from an accident that cannot be avoided. 1- If the work of the contractor has an effect on the eye, he may confine it until he receives the due fee, and if his hand is damaged before his wage is paid, then he is not a guarantee nor a fee for him.

There are nine cases in which the landlord may terminate the lease contract before the expiration of the contract period, including:

  •  If the tenant fails to pay the rent from him, within 30 days of submitting a written notice from the landlord, there is nothing wrong with that, as Article 25 of Law No. (26) stipulates regulating the relationship between the landlord and the tenant within the period of 30 days from the date of notification The landlord, renting real estate in Dubai, renting cars in the evening
    Interpreter, so that you can lead to the bill, so that you can get it afterward, so that you can lead release before the court of law.
  •  If the tenant subleases the property without the written consent of the landlord.
  •  If the tenant uses the storage for others.
  •  High volume of events in terms of creating sales at events.
  • The lessee is used for purposes other than the purposes for which it was rented.
    ■ If the tenant fails to comply with any of the terms of the lease or the law within 30 days of notifying the landlord to comply with these terms.
    ■ If the property is in danger and is threatened with collapse.
    ■ If the development requirements in the emirate are to demolish and rebuild the property in accordance with government units.
  •  In cases of commercial real estate, the landlord may request eviction, if the tenant closed commercial operations for 30 days or 90 days intermittently without giving any valid reasons. In 2009, in 2008, the text of the verdict in 2008.
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